• December 20, 2012
  • News

Metalogix releases Replicator 5.1

Metalogix has launched Replicator 5.1, which further extends the product through enhanced security to encrypt content as it is replicated across environments and through the ability to control who can and cannot create connections.

The product gives organizations the ability to provide remote users with fast, local access to the same content as at headquarters, even across low bandwidth, high latency networks. An entire organization can architect SharePoint to synchronize and share content with customers and partners beyond the enterprise to ensure high availability and prevent downtime.

The new release gives organizations with Bamboo 2010 or KwizCom web parts the ability to sync their apps and make them highly available to all users, regardless of location.

Replicator 5.1 features enhanced security control, which will encrypt replication packages, eliminating concerns of harmful interception while data packages are replicating across networks. The latest release includes the ability to add site collection administrators and portal site connections, as well as both site-based and content-based workflows to the replication.

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