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Medallia Delivers Insights from Unstructured Data to Fuel CX Innovation

Medallia has updated its text analytics engine, a key component of Medallia Experience Cloud. Medallia Text Analytics uses machine learning techniques to enable companies to analyze written feedback at scale, unlock themes, detect new trends, and prioritize areas for action.

Customers today provide feedback in their own words in social media, online reviews, emails and surveys. Companies can now empower every employee in the organization to understand customer sentiment by embedding text analytics into the daily operations of the organization.

According to Medallia, by 2022, 93% of all data will be unstructured. With the ability to mine and interpret large quantities of unstructured data, companies can now gain insights beyond just a numerical score to a survey question. Understanding customer comments can reveal valuable information that has traditionally been unavailable or too difficult to analyze manually.

Medallia Text Analytics can be integrated into any new or existing Medallia program. New features that make Medallia Text Analytics smarter, faster and more powerful include a Theme Investigator that relies on machine-driven analysis to surface new themes so companies can pinpoint where problems are occurring and investigate root causes; a Text Analytics Add-On that allows companies to make sense of unstructured data immediately and accelerate time-to-value; and Topic Alerts that surface high priority issues, enabling the right employees to take action based on customer comments and feedback.

Unstructured data from customers provides a gold mine of information, but many organizations are not  using this data to make business decisions, said  Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder, Medallia, noting that Medallia’s text analytics engine enables them to pull insights and themes in many languages, understanding sentiment and addressing issues in real-time.

More information is available at www.medallia.com

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