Mavenlink unveils Personal Utilization Manager

Mavenlink, a provider of cloud-based software for the modern services organization, is launching the Personal Utilization Manager with new capabilities that enable team members to manage and gauge their performance against their billable utilization targets.

With individual performance toward goals exposed, every participant in a billable project can make necessary adjustments to the ratio of billable to non-billable time they are logging.

Tracking and managing their own time and billable utilization targets empowers team members to take control of their performance and impact on the business.

Mavenlink's new Personal Utilization Manager delivers key utilization data to managers and individuals in context and in real time, negating the need to wait for weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

Built by services professionals for services professionals, the Personal Utilization Manager allows individuals to see target billable utilization and how they're tracking against it in real time, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views.

Team members receive nudges to track their time, making day-to-day operations much smoother and empowering team members to help elevate the performance of the business.

The Personal Utilization Manager also includes effective date for billable utilization for resource managers and other decision makers, allowing them to ramp up billable capacity, including plans for onboarding time.

The Personal Utilization Manager is available now to Premier and Enterprise Mavenlink users.

For more information about this release, visit www.mavenlink.com.

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