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MarkLogic 9 Advances Data Integration, Security and Manageability

Enterprise NoSQL database provider MarkLogic has launched the latest release of its flagship product. With new data integration, security, and manageability capabilities, MarkLogic 9 is targeted at helping organizations to more rapidly, easily, and affordably achieve a comprehensive view of their data in the cloud and on-premise to enable next-generation applications, drive business outcomes, mitigate risk, and reduce operating costs.

Building on a base of advanced features such as support for bitemporal data, semantics, and cloud support, MarkLogic 9 adds new enterprise-grade features to help make data integration faster and easier, data security stronger and more granular, and database management more efficient.

Key among these new capabilities are capabilities that further facilitate and ease the integration of data from silos. The addition of Entity Services allows organizations to manage changing data sources by allowing them to define and evolve a model and vocabulary that harmonizes real-world entities, such as customers and products, and the relationships between them. In addition, Optic is a new API that lets developers view their data as documents, graphs or rows, providing flexibility and efficiency.

In addition, new security features are designed to help customers leverage and share data securely and privately. Advanced encryption protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, key management and granular separation of duties. Element-Level Security goes beyond the existing document-level security to allow specific elements of a document to be hidden from particular users, and Redaction eliminates the exposure of sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, by removing specific information or replacing it with other values in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data. Most importantly, it gives enterprises the assurances they need to share data safely.

Enhancing manageability and productivity, MarkLogic 9 adds Ops Director is a foundational new tool that eases management for system administrators across multiple clusters, cloud and on-premises systems, and production, test and development environments. In addition, Telemetry is an opt-in feature that enables better and faster support by collecting, encrypting and sending diagnostic system-level information to MarkLogic so it is there immediately when needed.

For more information about MarkLogic 9, visit www.marklogic.com/what-is-marklogic/whats-new.

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