Managing SharePoint access and content security

HiSoftware has launched Site Sheriff, which, the company says, employs dynamic access, deny rules and a zero-footprint secure viewer to allow a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios and keep confidential information in SharePoint.

HiSoftware explains Site Sheriff controls access to SharePoint content by allowing a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios to empower focused audiences to collaborate without changing item permissions and adding complexity. It uses business logic—document metadata, user properties and more—to create rules that allow or deny access to selected content, sites and Web applications. Site administrators can adjust the user interface to trim ribbons and menus and remove selected options like desktop copying, e-mail and offline sync.

HiSoftware highlights the following features:

  • Dynamic access and claims-driven permissions management—administrators can dynamically control access to sensitive content by using a combination of user attributes and item metadata to restrict what items or documents users can view, eliminating the need to segregate sensitive data;
  • secure, zero footprint document reader—a browser-based secure reader for internal and external users to view content, including Microsoft Office and Visio documents, PDFs and images without client software, allowing users to securely view sensitive content, stamped with security watermarks, on any device with a SharePoint-supported Web browser;
  • keep mission-critical documents in SharePoint—Site Sheriff protects sensitive content by allowing only authorized users to view, share and distribute content, and SharePoint ribbon commands and user interface elements can be disabled to control and restrict distribution actions based on the document’s classification and the user properties.

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