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Magnitude Software Unveils Noetix Analytics 5.5

Magnitude Software, a provider of enterprise information software, has introduced a new release of Noetix Analytics with content, performance, and scalability enhancements, and streamlined maintenance.  Noetix Analytics is a packaged data management solution aimed at simplifying the process of implementing an enterprise data warehouse. The solution enables the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from Oracle E-Business Suite and salesforce.com applications, and an open interface to integrate data from third-party and custom applications to provide an enterprise-wide view of data and performance.

According to Parikshit Kumar, senior product manager for Noetix Analytics, the sharp increase in data sources has heightened the need for real-time integration, access, and analysis of information. To support this requirement, he said, Noetix Analytics 5.5 offers strong transactional and strategic reporting for Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as an analytics platform that enables a view of data from heterogeneous sources from a central repository.

In particular, the company says, the new release offers improvements in three key areas. 

In the area of content, version 5.5 expands the customer common dimension to include different hierarchy levels as defined in Oracle E-Business Suite; and the hierarchy metadata is auto-discovered based on the customer configuration in the source system.

In terms of performance and scalability, in this release, low-value columns are removed from 17 transaction and dimension tables to reduce row changing and migration-related issues, which the company says results in faster ETL query response times. In addition, the new release uses a change number-based change data capture (CDC) for data marts instead of the change flag, eliminating the need to change flags in the operational data store tables.

Improving maintenance, the new release offers a single-step upgrade process and guidelines to upgrade from prior versions of Noetix Analytics, and adds enhancements to the CDC maintenance administration console. A new customization guide also provides best practices about recommended extensions that can be applied to the product.

For more detailed information, go to www.magnitudesoftware.com.  

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