Magento Commerce Rolls Out New Platform for Merchants

Magento Commerce, a provider of open omnichannel innovation, is releasing Magento Commerce Order Management (COM), to help retailers more effectively manage orders.

“With this release, Magento is putting a firm stake in the ground as a serious omnichannel contender with comprehensive OMS capabilities,” said Peter Sheldon, head of strategy at Magento Commerce. “This offering is true to the Magento value proposition of fast time-to-market, superior value, and extensible for its global ecosystem to build upon and customize.”

COM is designed to enable merchants and global brands to optimize online order fulfillment and deliver best in class omnichannel experiences. The solution sits at the core of retail distribution, connecting supply- and demand- side channels, gathering information from each to facilitate choices and optimize the profitability for each individual order.

The platform enables retailers to effectively manage complex order processes and to sell and fulfill across multiple channels and geographies including stores, drop shippers, multiple warehouses or third-party logistics companies. It includes Distributed Order Management, Inventory Management, and Store Fulfillment, allowing retailers to give customers a seamless order experience across any channel which can drive revenue and customer satisfaction. The solution also helps merchants to launch business and brands in new markets by minimizing the complexities associated with a multi-region expansion.

According to the vendor, Commerce Order Management, integrated with the Magento Digital platform, enables organizations to turn on multiple digital brands and storefronts in new geographies quickly and cost effectively. All Magento Digital regional sites can then be pre-integrated to a single cloud Commerce Order Management system of record, providing one global system to process orders, manage payment tender complexities, tackle fraud and connect to desired fulfillment locations across the globe.

For more information about Magento’s platform, visit www.magento.com.

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