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M-Files joins forces with Cadcorp

Intelligent information management provider M-Files has partnered with geospatial technology provider Cadcorp to offer local housing associations better insight into the assets and portfolios they own and manage. According to M-Files, this is a key step in its strategic move into the housing and property market. With Cadcorp’s web mapping software, SIS WebMap, integrated into M-Files’ platform, housing associations can now unite and see all their data and information in one place, giving them visibility and understanding about their properties.

Housing associations and property management bodies typically have several different repositories and file systems containing data relevant to managing their portfolio of property. This can lead to lack of transparency across the organization as the data is sometimes siloed and stored in multiple different repositories.

M-Files’ partnership with Cadcorp provides an automated link between these data repositories, so that relevant information and data can be brought into the SIS WebMap interface. This enables housing association staff to see all the information they need, in a location, to ultimately provide a better service to their customers.

“Our partnership with Cadcorp is going to bring huge benefits to anyone involved in managing large portfolios of housing,” said Grahame Wilkinson, UK Sales Manager at M-Files. “With our capability to bring together data from all over a network and different siloes, and Cadcorp’s approach to displaying that data geospatially, we can move beyond the days of staff poring over spreadsheets, hoping they’ve got all the right information. We’re giving staff all the information they need in one place in a format that gives them greater insight, accessible from anywhere through our mobile functionality, which is significantly improving the efficiency of managing large housing portfolios.”

For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

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