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M-Files Online Future-Proofs Information Management with Cloud-Readiness

M-Files has launched M-Files Online, an information management system that enables organizations to combine cloud and on-premise deployments with a single user license without having to lock into one model.

The new system offers a system-neutral approach to managing information that makes any organization cloud-ready. This approach unifies information and related policies and processes across an organization's systems and repositories, including M-Files, file shares, SharePoint, and ERP and CRM systems, providing immediate access to existing information on day one, without massive, upfront data migration projects.

According to M-Files, enterprises are increasingly moving to the cloud or considering how it fits in their future IT strategy, and recent data from a study by the Association of Intelligent Information finds that more than 80% of information management professionals are planning solutions that are at least partly cloud-based. Many cutting-edge technologies, especially around artificial intelligence, require elastic computing resources and are therefore often only cloud based. However, common roadblocks to cloud adoption remain, such as intensive data migrations, reliance on legacy systems, and security and regulatory concerns. M-Files Online removes those roadblocks by seamlessly spanning both cloud and on-premises environments.

Key features of M-Files Online include the ability to freely combine on-premise and cloud repositories within the same software subscription; identification and consolidation of information from legacy "dark data" silos, providing immediate access to critical information; and connections to a variety of systems and repositories, from network folders and SharePoint, to file sharing services, existing DMS and ECM systems, and ECP and CRM systems, without requiring data migration.

M-Files Online is available on a subscription basis, providing access to new features and improvements with automatic updates.

For more information, go to www.m-files.com.

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