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Nervana has released Version 3.0 of the Nervana Discovery Solution, a natural language query system. The company says the new offering allows researchers and knowledge workers in life sciences and related markets to improve their speed, efficiency and insight in data query across a broad range of data sets and ontologies.

The Nervana Discovery Solution is said to enhance both the front-end user query/discovery experience and the back-end processing of data from multiple, specialized or proprietary data domains and information repositories. The company explains that at the interface level, knowledge workers can build appropriate natural semantic queries and quickly review relevant, timely results. The Nervana engine processes these searches across multiple ontologies as well as across multiple physical and semantic content sources--both online and proprietary--providing on-the-fly improvements in R&D efficiency, effectiveness and ROI, Nervana claims.

The company reports that key new features in Nervana Discovery Solution 3.0 include:

Drag and drop. Users can paste a document or entity such as e-mail, PDF, URL or Web page to create a query. The system then analyzes the sample--based on its meaning, and not its keywords--and delivers semantically relevant materials (research papers, patents, news releases, stories, etc.). The technology transforms the source material into a complex graph of contextual chains, allowing the knowledge worker to discover information based on an existing documented thought process. Users do not need to manually type a query.

Live Mode. Query results can be streamed in real time across the user's desktop, providing timely and personalized industry intelligence. Live Mode also visualizes results based on context and time-sensitivity, thereby providing users with a powerful and intuitive way of managing their attention while also keeping track of critical information.

Collaboration. Users can share relevant information with co-workers through built-in e-mail and reporting functionality.

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