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LevaData Launches Supply Risk Navigator to help companies manage COVID-19 shortages

LevaData has launched the Supply Risk Navigator to help companies rapidly detect supply chain risks, including those caused by COVID-19, and take immediate actions to mitigate them.

“COVID-19 has exposed the supply chain resiliency gaps in most industries and caused significant supply disruptions. To help companies quickly identify and resolve supply continuity challenges, LevaData is offering a free trial of our Supply Risk Navigator during this critical period,” said Rajesh Kalidindi, CEO of LevaData. “We have built a dynamic risk management control center coupled with rapid response capabilities that help supply chain leaders restore stability and increase optionality at a critical moment in time.”

According to LevaData, companies producing medical devices or equipment will receive access at no cost throughout 2020. 

Tapping into hundreds of information sources, including Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and data from partners Resilinc and Rapid Ratings, the Supply Risk Navigator gives manufacturers access to an AI platform that’s purpose-built for direct materials sourcing optimization. LevaData has been shown to make product and supply organizations 30% more agile and supply chains more resilient.

LevaData identifies supply risks early by evaluating each manufacturer’s portfolio data against the supply market dynamics, analyzing signals from marketplace activity, community insights, and third-party risk sources to generate a risk assessment for the entire portfolio, individual products and commodities.

Once supply shortages have been identified, LevaData generates scenarios designed to minimize disruptions based on a mix of current suppliers and potential sources around the world. Companies can then collaborate with the supply base within the platform to get additional visibility, negotiate and secure supply commits.

Companies can register at www.levadata.com/risk to get started.

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