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Latest ABBYY Vantage release enhances flexibility, skills, and accuracy

ABBYY has released its newest intelligent document processing capabilities for Vantage, a low-code/no-code IDP platform.

Last year, ABBYY released the ABBYY Marketplace providing users with access to a catalog of trained skills and other intelligent document process assets such as connectors. With the Vantage 2.2 release, the marketplace has now grown to more than 100 assets, including 15 new document skills that jumpstart automation projects to process a variety of different document types. All document skill automations, connectors, and other assets are built by ABBYY or certified partners so that your business can easily download and get started quickly, while at the same time further training and customizing the skills to meet your business needs.

The latest set of automations include document skills that are production ready:

Remittance Advice – process proof of payment documents sent by a customer to a business, including capturing all header, footer, and line-item details.

Utility Bills – extract supplier name, statement date, customer name and address to verify an individual’s residency.

Personal Earnings Statement – extract data from payslips, including name, business, amounts, etc. Key to verifying an individual’s recent earnings and employment status.

Bank Statement – extract data from bank statements including name, account, balance, and other fields which are key to verifying an individual’s or business’s financial assets.

1040 – extract data from Form 1040, including name, filing status, amounts, etc. Key to tax processing or verifying individual’s past earnings.

Identity Documents (ID) – a specialized trained model that extracts information from over 10,000 identity documents in 248 different countries. Utilize this ID skill as part of verifying individuals’ identity or other status during client onboarding.

Arrival Notice – automatically process arrival notice documents issued by a carrier including extracting the shipper, consignee, parties, carrier, and many other details about delivered goods and delivery terms.

Additionally, a new set of framework skills for processing 1040 (Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F, Schedule K-1), lease agreements, W8-BEN, and Sick Notes (German) are available in the ABBYY Marketplace for users to try out.

With the new Identity Document (ID) skill, ABBYY is delivering a trained model that extracts information from passports, U.S. driver licenses, and many more. The new ID skill recognizes and extracts information from 10,000 different document types in 248 countries. 

Using the Vantage Mobile App, users can snap a photo of the ID (front and back) and submit it along with other trailing documents for processing. This could be part of the process for opening a new account, applying for a new REAL ID in the U.S., or other client services.

ABBYY has also added several capabilities designed to give users more control over training document skills using the Vantage Advanced Designer. The result is more advanced flexibility in how they can combine activities in the training pipeline to get the optimal extraction results from even the most complex unstructured documents.

For more information on ABBYY Vantage, go to www.abbyy.com/vantage.

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