LENSEC and Zensors partner on security platform using CCTV images and analysis

LENSEC is announcing new software integration with Zensors real-time analytics platform and Perspective VMS, providing a unified security platform leveraging existing CCTV cameras.

Zensors and LENSEC software developers combine software functions to provide snapshots from PVMS that Zensors platform analyzes using artificial intelligence (AI). Analysis of images provides information that people need to know.

Zensors captures information analyzing CCTV images for actionable business insights in a user-friendly interface.

Perspective VMS operates using HTML5 browser-based software. Zensors software is also built using the browser as a client interface.

Zensors provides a question-based platform, analyzing business data based on simple questions provided by users. LENSEC software captures and provides still images from IP-based security cameras. Perspective VMS also includes an action button for Zensors' users to log in and automatically launch the cloud-based AI dashboard.

"Zensors is cloud-based and uses the browser as a client interface. LENSEC has been using a browser-based platform since 1998, so the harmony between the two products is obvious. By working together, two companies are achieving exactly what the customer needs – easy-to-use software that achieves more together than each product can produce apart from one another,” said Jeff Kellick, LENSEC chief product officer.

LENSEC is a manufacturer for video surveillance software. Since 1998, LENSEC has been trusted as a security partner. LENSEC distributes Perspective VMS through a channel of security integrators.

For more information about this news, visit https://lensec.com/.

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