• August 26, 1999
  • News

Kofax acquires technology rights from RAF

Marking consolidation in the capture market, Kofax Image Products has purchased technology rights to RAF Technology's Cartouche automated data capture platform. Kofax gains usage rights of the software, which is targeted primarily at Medicare forms capture installs, postal address recognition and financial service applications. As part of the deal, RAF retains its right to use the technology, but prohibits the company to license the technology to Kofax competitors.

Kofax intends to leverage the acquired technology to develop a high-end solution targeted at complex data capture.

RAF's OCR engine, according to Kevin Drum, Kofax VP of marketing, "together with RAF's specialized dictionaries and contextual validation, means Kofax now has access to technology that can capture extremely complex forms at high volume and with a high degree of confidence."

With the release of Ascent Capture 3.0 earlier this year, Kofax introduced a strategy to tackle all capture--document capture, where the actual document appearance is pertinent; data capture, where only information from fields on a form are pertinent; and distributed capture, where remote sites capture, process and transfer data and documents to a central location for further processing and release.

With the addition of Cartouche, Kofax positions itself further to deliver more capture functionality

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