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  • January 26, 2015
  • News

Knowledge graph management and text analytics from Semantic Web Company

Semantic Web Company has launched PoolParty Semantic Suite Version 5, its taxonomy management and knowledge graph management software platform. The company reports features including support for ontology management, custom schema management, enhanced entity extraction, linked data harvesting, Web crawling, auto-classification in enterprise systems such as SharePoint, Confluence, Drupal and more.

PoolParty is said to support business stakeholders who need to work on defining and linking standards-based taxonomies, ontologies and linked data graphs used for precise auto-classification, data integration, knowledge graph management and semantic search.

New features of PoolParty 5 include:

  • Highly precise entity extraction—in addition to the thesaurus-based entity extraction service and PoolParty’s language-independent free term & phrase extractor, which have been introduced in earlier releases, PoolParty now offers a configurable and rule-based disambiguation service;
  • Deep integration with SharePoint, Drupal & Confluence—PoolParty’s support for (semi-)automatic tagging, content classification, semantic search and content recommendation, in order to extend the functionality of popular content and collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Confluence or Drupal, have been further extended;
  • Fully integrated Web crawler—PoolParty 5 now has several ways to analyze various content streams, e.g. Web crawling (with a configurable depth), content harvesting from Wikipedia/DBpedia or RSS feeds;
  • Refined look and feel—the new version of PoolParty 5 received an extensive redesign in order to ease a taxonomist’s life; and
  • Full ontology management and semantic reasoning—PoolParty­based knowledge modeling is not restricted to SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System).

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