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KMWorld 2019: AI is the future of KM

At KMworld 2019, Kamran Khan, managing director, Accenture, and Tracey Seward, global director of innovation & knowledge, Accenture, explored how technology can help people navigate quickly and efficiently to data and the wealth of knowledge that resides within their enterprises.

Today, they said, organizations require technologies that are flexible and adapt to the user’s needs. But with so much enterprise data and content sitting in disparate silos, finding relevant information can be a challenge. Their presentation explored how search uses AI technologies such as NLP, semantic understanding, and machine learning to provide a cognitive search experience and enhance human interactions, and offered real-world examples of how search solutions have helped enterprises improve search, collaboration, and co-creation.

The evolving knowledge journey

The knowledge journey has evolved, they said, and today, there is an emphasis on the knowledge enterprise with the ability to measure, usage, collaboration, and engagement. And, as the processes have evolved, so too has the end user. In the past, decision making was more intuitive, problems were solved independently, there were proactive learners and compartmentalized solutions.

Videos of KMWorld 2019 awards presentations,  keynotes, and sessions can be found here.

The power of insight-led decision making is an enormous change from the past. Today, decision making is led by data-driven insights, problem solving is done collaboratively leveraging the power of "others in the room" from other industries or backgrounds, learning is perpetual, and the focus is on end-to-end solutions.

Khan and Seward showcased how knowledge management best practices and solutions enhanced with AI, natural language processing, and other technologies, combine to help Accenture experts to identify and share information that is needed when it is needed, promotes the sharing of information internally, and enables the anonymization of privileged information about client engagements while maintaining its relevance. The aim is to create a seamless experience that helps Accenture consultants to be "superheroes" to their clients, they said.

Human and machine

Espousing the view that "AI is the future of KM," Khan and Seward explained how key technologies work behind the scenes to provide relevant information to expert consultants while also safeguarding the integrity and privacy of client information.

Key technologies and processes include auto-scrubbing based on rules to anonymize data without making it so generic that it has no value, use of AI to tap into data sources and help consultants identify people with relevant experience and information, and auto-tagging to save time and add consistency, making the lives of consultants easier.

In addition, there are other data-driven capabilities, a recommendation engine, natural language generation, self-learning tagger, answers engine, personalization, and voice-enabled search.

The three E's

The focus for the future, Khan and Seward said, should not be on AI alone, but instead on where automation can be added to enhance human processes so people be more efficient, effective, and error-free.

KMWorld 2019 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences, which also includes Enterprise Search & Discovery, Office 365 Symposium, Taxonomy Boot Camp, and Text Analytics Forum.

Many speakers at KMWorld 2019 are making their presentations available at www.kmworld.com/Conference/2019/Presentations.aspx.


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