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Io-Tahoe Announces Availability of Machine Learning-Driven Data Discovery Platform

Io-Tahoe LLC, a provider of machine learning-driven data discovery products that span heterogeneous technology platforms, has announced the launch of the Io-Tahoe smart data discovery platform.  

The platform includes a Data Catalog, a new feature that allows data owners and data stewards to utilize a machine learning-based smart catalog to create, maintain and search business rules; define policies and provide governance workflow functionality. Io-Tahoe's data discovery capability provides business rule management and enrichment, and enables a business user to govern the rules and define policies for critical data elements. It allows data-driven enterprises to enhance information about data automatically, regardless of the underlying technology and build a data catalog.

Io-Tahoe allows an organization to conduct data discovery across heterogeneous enterprise landscapes, ranging from databases, data warehouses and data lakes, bringing disparate data worlds together into a common view which can lead to a universal metadata store, said Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO, Io-Tahoe. This in turn enables organizations to have insight into their data to help them achieve their business goals, drive data analytics, enhance data governance and meet regulatory demands required in advance of regulations such as GDPR.

Citing data from MarketsandMarkets, Io-Tahoe says the data discovery market is estimated to grow from $4.33 billion in 2016 to $10.66 billion in 2021. This is driven by the increasing importance of data-driven decision making and self-service business intelligence tools, the company says, noting, however, that the challenge of integrating the growing number of disparate platforms, databases, data lakes and other silos of data has prevented the comprehensive governance, and use, of enterprise data.

Io-Tahoe's smart data discovery platform features an algorithmic approach to auto-discover rich information about data and data relationships. Its machine learning technology looks beyond metadata, at the data itself for greater insight and visibility into complex data sets, across the enterprise. Built to scale for even the largest of enterprises, Io-Tahoe makes data available to everyone in the organization, untangling the complex maze of data relationships and enabling applications such as data science, data analytics, data governance and data management.

For more information, visit https://io-tahoe.com/product.


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