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Investing in modern intelligent content services

After struggling with enterprise content management, intelligent content services platforms are leading the way due to a different way of thinking about information.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Chris McLaughlin, CMO, Nuxeo, who discussed common ECM challenges and how modern content services platforms leverage new capabilities (like AI and machine learning) to help organizations overcome content challenges.

Intelligent information management is readily accessible, contextual, available anywhere, and is governed and secured, according to McLaughlin.

With AI, platforms can recognize content types, predicatively deliver information, identify outlying data points, extract data from content, analyze usage and importance, enrich content metadata, and recognize patterns and connections.

There are seven reasons to modernize ECM systems, McLaughlin explained. Modern content is more than just documents, and information silos aren’t going away, he said. The systems can provide always on, anytime access to content and a variety of paths to the cloud.

Information silos are a reality of the modern workplace, he said. Content-centric apps are multiplying and many offer rich user experiences. People will continue to use apps and services that make them more productive. The ECM approach was to put everything in one repository but, clearly, this is not a viable approach for modern content management.

When looking for the best platform, architecture matters, McLaughlin said. The right platform should include:

  • Individually scalable services
  • Elastic scaling for peak volumes
  • Multi-tier archiving support
  • Serverless scalability for computeintensive activities
  • Edge caching and CDNs for global delivery
  • Open architecture to support customer preferences

A rational approach to modernization should connect to existing data and content sources. It should also migrate content and retire legacy systems, McLaughlin said.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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