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Intraspexion Incorporates dtSearch Engine in Litigation Risk Mitigation Solution

Intraspexion and dtSearch have announced the initial release of Intraspexion’s application for scanning an organization’s current email and other messaging data to spot potential litigation risks.

Intraspexion is a start-up company that is pioneering the use of “deep learning” algorithms to identify litigation risks.  dtSearch is a provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters. 

Intraspexion trains an algorithm to find different types of potential litigation risks and alert an in-house legal department, according to Nick Brestoff, founder and CEO of Intraspexion, noting that the first use case is employment discrimination.

In one situation, Brestoff said, the system surfaced one solid risk out of over 7,600 emails, which no one had to read and which is much less than one-tenth of 1% of the emails.

For its email and attachment support – including multilevel nested email attachment support – Intraspexion is using the dtSearch Engine.  dtSearch’s core developer product, the dtSearch Engine, searches terabytes of text, including more than 25 full-text and metadata-driven search options. 

In addition, the dtSearch Engine works with online and offline data, including a range of document and email types, website data, and other databases.

For more information, go to intraspexion.com and dtSearch.com

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