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  • October 6, 2008
  • News

Intelligent content analysis

Content Analyst has begun shipping Version 3.3 of CAAT, its search and text analytics software platform. Features in V. 3.3 include new data connectors, processing filters and multiple enhancements to CAAT’s core functionality, says Content Analyst.

The new SharePoint connector will allow CAAT users to ingest, analyze and search the vast stores of unstructured information in SharePoint repositories. New filters available in the CAAT 3.3 release include an OCR filter to help remove noise and improve search results from scanned documents, as well as e-mail filters to programmatically deal with the redundant information contained in many header and footer fields.

Further, the company says, CAAT 3.3 augments its core capabilities by adding full 64-bit support for dtSearch (used for keyword searching) as well as enhanced export capabilities. CAAT 3.3 supports cross-lingual categorization, which the company claims is a first in the industry, offering automated organization of mixed language document collections. CAAT 3.3 also provides users with a categorization "self-test," which automatically analyzes the quality of the examples and enables users to easily fine-tune how CAAT categorizes large document collections.

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