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IntelliChief Analytics Adds Business Planning Capabilities

IntelliChief, LLC, a provider of automated document management and workflow enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has introduced business planning with IntelliChief Analytics. With the addition of business planning, IntelliChief provides companies with the business intelligence platform’s visibility to help aggregate the existing information stored in each of their business systems so they can identify areas of opportunity throughout their organization, and discover capable indications revealed through data points.

According to the vendor, the program provides a convenient platform to combine information for all staff involved in a company’s strategic management and departmental direction. Information that can be discovered and shared for informed directions include identification of underutilized assets; determination of new markets for existing products and services; characterization of strategic partnership opportunities for offerings development and demand generation; creation of retention and new revenue channel strategy with existing customers; awareness of potential risk management liabilities; and measurement of brand perception and performance.

IntelliChief Analytics supports multiple systems, enabling thorough documentation in workflow and archive, via IntelliChief ECM and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and departmental/functional business systems.

For more on Business Planning with IntelliChief Analytics, go to www.intellichief.com.

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