• February 14, 2005
  • News

Integrating communications

Hyperwave has released Version 2.1 of its eConferencing Suite, which combines desktop conferencing with an efficient collaboration solution.

A notable new feature in Version 2.1 is its deeper integration with the Hyperwave Knowledge Platform, which enables documents to be mutually researched and edited during virtual meetings. Further, the meeting organization component has been more effectively integrated into the existing infrastructure, allowing participants to now be invited directly via e-mail. Meetings can also be associated directly with task lists and documents, and information can be made available to participants in advance.

Hyperwave has also introduced Explorer 1.0, a tool designed to make the process of handling documents in IS/6 as simple as possible. The company explains the new offering plugs into Microsoft Windows Explorer, which means that users can navigate and edit documents on a Hyperwave system directly from the Windows Explorer. Hyperwave says users can continue to run their accustomed Windows applications regardless of the fact that content is being stored on a Hyperwave system. Explorer 1.0 also contains an offline function that makes it possible to take relevant documents out on the road, edit them and synchronize them with the Hyperwave Server at a later point in time. In this way, the Explorer supplies mobile users with current and consistent data.

Hyperwave has also introduced eLearning Suite 2.1, which combines Web-based training—learning on the Internet or intranet—with the solutions provided by Hyperwave’s Enterprise Content Management product suite.

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