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  • October 3, 2013
  • News

Integrated cloud-based workforce management

NewVoiceMedia has unveiled ContactWorld Perform, its new workforce management (WFM) offering. With WFM and telephony in one complete solution, businesses can change the customer experience based on the resources they have available. For example, customers needn’t navigate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system if there are agents available.

When businesses can accurately forecast their peaks and troughs, they can plan staffing requirements more effectively, says NewVoiceMedia. Trends in contact traffic levels can help managers react to unexpected fluctuations and ensure they have the right mix of staffing skills to meet demands of their service level agreement. Further, the company says, holiday scheduling can be more efficiently handled, and managers can analyze how well they’ve matched resources to demand, as well as the impact on service levels and KPI achievement.

The company adds that agents can log in from home, check their schedules and make schedule change requests. At peak times, managers can even ask staff to work for just a couple hours from home, because all users can log in to the same system from a Web-connected computer, regardless of their geographical location.

With the application’s real-time adherence, managers can also check their agents’ progress in relation to what is scheduled and be aware of when they are on breaks. Together with ContactWorld’s call recording functionality, they can benefit from a 360° view of operations and performance, helping them to manage staff more effectively.

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