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Incentive Aims to Foster Better Communication and Collaboration With New Release

Incentive, a provider of a social intranet for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, is launching an enhanced version of its flagship platform to improve communications and boost collaboration.

New updates in version 4 of Incentive include document collaboration that allows employees to share feedback or edit files, real-time communication via private messaging or chat rooms between employees, enhanced task and event management, and an improved user experience with customizable panels and menus that are easy to share with the entire enterprise.

“The document piece is the centerpiece, whether it’s a press release or use case, and when it’s in place you can simply involve people, communicate openly, set up group chat, set up tasks and delegate them, and set up files,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO.  “You can do that in one place, and make the document sparkle.”

Along with the release of Incentive 4, the platform will offer a “freemium” version, free for up to 15 users, while larger teams can use the “professional” package which includes additional capabilities.  All new features are also available on the Incentive mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Chrome.

The apps give users the full experience, regardless of location, enabling real-time collaboration and improving productivity, according to Incentive.  “We have succeeded in doing something that’s really hard, we’ve managed to make the end user happy and IT happy at the same time, which is very rare,” Hansson said.

For more information on Incentive 4, visit www.incentive-inc.com.

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