Improving the digital workplace at KMWorld 2019

“We’re in a time of transformation, the pace of change is increasing and we have to keep up with it, rating ourselves can help,” said Geoff Ables, Managing Partner, C5 Insight, as he opened up his KMWorld 2019 session.

Ables discussed using a benchmarking guide to use to continually monitor and improve the people, processes, and technologies associated with digital engagement in the organization during his session, “Rating Your Digital Workplace.”

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“If people know they are heard, they are more likely to embrace what you’re doing,” Ables said.

Before diving into rating the digital workplace, it’s important to ask what the goals are of improving it, he explained.

Five suggestions for improving a digital workplace include:

  • Listen to people and remember what they say
  • Distribute and analyze knowledge to discover insights
  • Create more impactful processes and experiences
  • Know, share, and improve the score together
  • Be powered by Good Luck (powered by luck): leadership, culture, purpose, why

He stressed several approaches to digital workplace ratings such as primary research, Digital workplace reports and survey feedback.

Survey feedback is one of the best ways to gain greater insight into how to improve the digital workplace. Survey feedback is brief, comprehensive, actionable, historical, statistically sound, cost effective, according to Ables.

Survey approaches that can be used include net promoter, importance to user, user satisfaction, user effort, and gap analysis.

“You should focus on gap between importance and satisfaction that is the important part of understanding what’s going on in organizations,” Ables said.

Guide your digital workplace to success includes:

  • Roadmap evaluation
  • Prioritize
  • Benchmark
  • Historical tracking

“We need to know we’re making progress,” Ables said. “If we can’t talk about failure in an organization you are not in a fast learning organization.”

KMWorld 2019 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences, which also includes Enterprise Search & Discovery, Office 365 Symposium, Taxonomy Boot Camp, and Text Analytics Forum.

Many speakers at KMWorld 2019 are making their presentations available at www.kmworld.com/Conference/2019/Presentations.aspx.


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