IRI Offers Data Security Solution for Masking Data in Text Documents

Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company), is releasing data security software for finding and masking personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data in unstructured text sources, including application and chat logs, Microsoft documents, and .pdf files.

IRI’s new “DarkShield” product joins IRI Data Protector suite tools like IRI FieldShield and IRI CellShield EE which discover and mask PII in structured sources like flat-files, databases, and Excel spreadsheets.

DarkShield is designed for data collectors and processors of PII in “dark data” repositories, where most corporate information assets are held.

Where they are subject to data breaches and privacy laws, PII within them must be located, anonymized, removed, or extracted for analysis or “portability.”

DarkShield software supports all those activities, and allows CISOs and data governance teams to structure, classify, and audit data in unmasked or masked condition.

IRI Workbench is the free data marshalling, metadata management, and job design IDE built on Eclipse for use with IRI’s broad range of data management products. DarkShield leverages the wizard’s LAN-wide pattern search and forensic metadata production features.

Like FieldShield, DarkShield can be licensed as a capital expense in a standalone product for perpetual use, or as an operational expense within an IRI Voracity platform subscription.

Voracity also includes other data discovery facilities, plus fast data integration (ETL), migration, governance, and analytic/wrangling for a range of conventional and modern “big” data sources.

For more information about this release, visit www.iri.com.

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