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Verity has released K2 Enterprise 4.5, claiming it offers features and functionality that will enable global organizations to perform knowledge management activities better and realize a better return on their knowledge assets

The company explains the following benefits of its new software:

More accurate content organization. K2E provides customers with a flexible and accurate classification solution that combines machine learning with domain expertise. This combination is siad to yield up to 99% classification accuracy.

Unique LexisNexis Content Organizer. Available only to K2E customers, the Organizer provides businesses with pre-built taxonomies to automatically classify enterprise information.

Enhanced retrieval. The search tools include federated search, which brings back results from many sources to a single query; parametric search, which finds single or groups of documents with specific attributes; category drill-down to let users browse through categories and subcategories; and relational taxonomies, which enable simultaneous search of two or more taxonomies for powerful discovery capabilities.

Return on knowledge assets. Verity K2E includes a Recommendation Engine that automatically suggests documents as well as the experts behind them. Plus, the software’s auto-initialization and intelligent indexing features let content in existing LDAP-type and other repositories be integrated easily into a new knowledge management solution, making better use of that content, and reducing total cost of ownership. K2E also offers the ability to fully leverage existing content management systems while adding more powerful discovery and organization capabilities to them. Further, the Gateway Development Kit permits creation of linkages with and search of content to be found in all the leading enterprise applications.

Knowledge asset protection. The product includes document-level security of repository information by allowing organizations to use existing access procedures without compromise.

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