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  • April 13, 2020
  • News

Hyland creates way to digitize specific credentials via blockchain

Hyland, a content services provider, has created Hyland Credentials for Higher Education, a digital credentialing solution for educational records including diplomas, transcripts, certificates and badges.

Hyland Credentials for Higher Education provides a comprehensive system to issue official records using a blockchain-anchored format that is instantly verifiable anywhere in the world, said Kevin Flanagan, director of higher education and government sales at Hyland. 

Built in a blockchain-secured format, Hyland Credentials are instantly shareable and verifiable from anywhere, enabling educational institutions to create and issue official school records faster in digital formats.

Once issued, the digital credential is co-owned by both the institution and the recipient and can be viewed, shared, and verified independent of any vendor network or proprietary software.

Hyland’s digital credentialing solution helps schools and universities eliminate paper, improve efficiencies, combat fraud, and enhance brand visibility for a better student experience.

Hyland Credentials was developed on the blockchain-credentialing solution acquired though its acquisition of Learning Machine.

The solution is built on Blockcerts – an open standard to issue, store, share and verify blockchain-based official records.

The solution makes managing standards-compliant records at scale simple, allowing any organization to easily design their records, import recipient data, issue records and manage the entire credentialing life cycle.

Unlike traditional PDF records, digital credentials are self-attesting – meaning employers, schools and governments can instantly verify them without needing to look them up in a database or check with an issuing institution.

Records are also both human and machine readable, allowing educational institutions to recreate the paper or pdf-based design in a digital format for brand continuity and recognition.

For more information about this release, visit www.hyland.com.

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