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  • March 31, 2020
  • News

Hyland adds more file formats within the Document Filters platform

Hyland is introducing new capabilities to its Document Filters product, offering additional file formats as part of its effort to provide a complete filtering toolkit that can process all the files an organization encounters in a typical day.

With the recent releases, Hyland now supports more than 550 file formats, of which more than 75 are supported for high-definition renditions.

New capabilities and support within the latest releases includes:

  • Text and metadata support for Apple iBook file types, Apple PList binary files, EPUB ebook file types, and Quattro Pro Spreadsheet files
  • High definition support for NCR images, MS Project Gantt Charts, Microsoft Windows Clipboard (CLP) files, Microsoft Outlook for Mac OLK15MsgSource files, Paint Shop Pro images, Windows Cursor images, X-Windows-Bitmap images, X-Windows-Pixmap images, and WordPerfect Graphics (version 1)
  • New API for extraction and processing of hierarchical bookmark information
  • New API for the extraction and processing of static PDF form data
  • Added option, DETECT_MACROS, that outputs a metadata value if macros are detected in MS Office documents
  • New API to allow for adding common annotations such as notes, lines, shapes, polygons, and stamps. When added to PDF output, annotations are created as native PDF annotations, that a user can interact with and modify
  • New API to allow the control of graphic effects on a per page basis
  • New option, GRAPHIC_ROTATE, to allow the rotation of an entire document rendition, or individual pages via the new graphic effects API
  • Added support for mark-up and drawing functions onto an HTML5 canvas

“Hyland’s Document Filters capabilities are a key catalyst for driving content mining and intelligence gathering within applications such as compliance systems, eDiscovery, data loss prevention, and insight engine deployments,” said Corey Kidd, Document Filters product manager at Hyland. “Our continued innovation to Document Filters delivers a deeper inspection of file contents, seamless rendering and annotating, and the ability to easily transform and output content.”

Hyland has a large product suite that includes Document Filters, a full-featured, all-in-one SDK that helps software developers embed rich document processing functionality into their applications.

For more information about these updates, visit www.hyland.com.

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