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HeartCore launches upgraded corporate content management system

HeartCore Enterprises, a software development company, has launched its revamped corporate digital marketing solution, Content Management System.

The CMS is HeartCore’s customer experience management platform that streamlines website operations, allowing users to easily create, manage, and modify content on websites without the need for specialized technical knowledge. The upgraded version will allow users to realize headless distribution of diversified content and centralized management of increasing product information management and digital asset management as a hub for all content delivery, role-based management and editing functions.

Additionally, users will now be able to manage prospects, find hot leads, and support SEO initiatives through marketing automation and personalization of content.

“The enhancement of our Content Management System makes our flagship solution more valuable and stickier for our 650-plus business customers,” said CEO Sumitaka Yamamoto. “With the evolution of how corporations are dealing with content, we intend to proactively make the necessary upgrades to ensure we are able to provide customers with all the key features and functionalities to successfully run their digital marketing campaigns.”

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, HeartCore Enterprises is a leading software development company offering SaaS solutions to enterprise customers in Japan and worldwide. The Company also provides data analytics services that allow enterprise businesses to create tailored web experiences for their clients through best-in-class design. HeartCore’s customer experience management platform includes marketing, sales, service and content management systems, as well as other tools and integrations, which enable companies to enhance the customer experience and drive engagement. HeartCore also operates a digital transformation business that provides customers with robotics process automation, process mining and task mining to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

Additional information about the company’s products and services is available at https://heartcore-usa.com.

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