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  • April 6, 2015
  • News

Governance and big data analytics from ZL Technologies

ZL Technologies has released ZL Enterprise Analytics, which adds deep analytics to its Unified Archive (ZL UA) big data governance platform. ZL says that by building structured and unstructured analytics capabilities directly within a singular data management architecture, the new offering delivers immediate 360-degree insight for a larger variety of document types across the entire organization. ZL says its approach addresses both existing information governance needs and demand for deep analytics.

The company says ZL Enterprise Analytics allows merging and cross-analysis of three major but previously segregated data categories:

  • people data—analyze e-mails, files, calendar entries, file shares, SharePoint, mobile messaging, enterprise IM, social media, Bloomberg, voice logs, ECM content, etc.;
  • business data—pull in data from dedicated business tools for better insight and ingest and manipulate content from customer relationship management platforms, enterprise resource planning systems and SaaS-based applications; and
  • machine data—correlate machine-generated data with the business- and people-derived information, as well as manage and analyze log events from websites, applications, servers and devices.

ZL says this holistic ZL EA approach contextualizes formerly isolated data sources, allowing different data streams to give interpretive context to each other.

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