• August 15, 2007
  • News

Gobs of GADs

Teragram has rolled out MyGADs Enterprise Edition, collaborative technology that allows corporate users to work together on a searchable wiki to share information among groups and retrieve data through multiple formats.

A group of users can create a GAD page using a simple Web editor within MyGADs.com, and access, edit, update, search for and share documents. MyGADs Enterprise Edition allows users to query the information they store, using a personalized question-answering search engine. Teragram's Direct Answers returns a simple answer, not links, to a query.

Teragram says examples of ways in which companies can use the software include:

  • trip, event and tradeshow planning;
  • enterprise knowledgebase;
  • customer lists;
  • prospect and sales tracking;
  • expense reports;
  • frequently asked questions;
  • corporate handbooks;
  • contacts and directories;
  • research and development; and,
  • contract management.
MyGAD users can create wiki pages and search their information using BlackBerrys or PDAs, J2ME- and Windows-enabled devices and nearly all SMS-capable mobile phones. For example, a user can log into his or her GAD account using a mobile browser on a BlackBerry device, add information, edit documents and communicate with co-workers--all in one centralized location. All of the information that's added to the GAD is saved to the account, so changes are visible to anyone who logs in with permissions to view the GAD.

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