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GeneXus 17 now available

GeneXus, a global pioneer in software and application development platforms, is offering GeneXus 17, empowering businesses to create and evolve new applications.

GeneXus aims to simplify software and application development by automating the time-consuming process of code generation creation and maintenance. It offers a low-code approach to application development and support for modern and legacy programming languages.

New features found in GeneXus 17 include an optimized Angular generator, enhanced chatbot features powered by artificial intelligence, and an intuitive approach to maintaining multi-experience applications.

Technology must adapt and evolve to meet the needs of a world that is constantly transforming itself. GeneXus 17 was designed to respond quickly to emerging needs—in terms of technology and the market—that we will face in the near future, said GeneXus CEO Nicolás Jodal. “It is focused on responding quickly to a changing world that demands more and more technology and speed to solve problems.”

According to the company, while in pre-release testing, GeneXus 17 was deployed to support Uruguay's COVID-19 response, which has been cited as a global model of excellence.

In 7 days, a group of more than 30 companies, led by GeneXus, collaborated to create Coronavirus UY, a mobile contact tracing health management application designed specifically for the unique challenges of COVID-19.

Coronavirus UY integrated the expertise of healthcare professionals and privacy advocates to coordinate testing for the virus, arrange tele-health consultations, and notify people if they had come into close contact with a person that had tested positive.

And in 1 month, more than 1 million Uruguayan citizens consulted or reported through the system.

This allowed the government to quickly obtain the most accurate information possible about those who were sick or at risk in the country and to take action.

For more information about this release, visit www.genexus.com.

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