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Gainsight Enhances Platform and Framework for Customer Success

Gainsight has introduced data analytics capabilities in its Customer Success platform that offer data-driven insights and proactive suggestions to better manage and service customers. In addition, Gainsight launched a new framework designed to help companies build Customer Success programs that lead to digital transformation.

Gainsight’s platform incorporates new AI and machine learning capabilities that power an algorithm that prioritizes actions so users can better manage their time, engage with customers at scale, and maximize efforts. Text Analytics are now applied to survey responses to automate analysis and gain rapid insights. Sally the AI Bot leverages natural language processing to provide customer context and collaboration through tools like Slack, and will be available for email in late 2018.

In addition, by capturing customer interactions from different systems and departments, Gainsight’s open API and integration tools bring together disparate silos of data into one source of customer truth. Gainsight provides a 360-degree view of the overall customer, for each of its associated products and for each of its contacts so insight is easily visible and accessible for everyone.

And, to make Customer Success a company-wide initiative, companies must enable every team with customer context and collaboration capabilities within their primary tools. The Team-View License provides cross-functional teams access to Gainsight directly within their primary systems, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack, enabling them to become active participants in the mission of Customer Success.

More information is available at www.gainsight.com.

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