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FinalCode Improves Signature Platform with Security and Usability Features

FinalCode is releasing an updated version of its file-centric information rights management (IRM) solution, enhancing the platform with security and usability features.

FinalCode 5.3 introduces the capability to secure an entire folder, launches a new FinalCode explorer, allows the ability to authenticate a user upon opening a file/folder, enhances support for complex applications and design software such as Adobe Illustrator, and gives users the ability to tag secured files for search purposes.

 With previous versions of FinalCode, files were encrypted individually. While files remained secured, this method of encryption created usability annoyances. Users were not able to refer to multiple secured files simultaneously. FinalCode 5.3 changes that by allowing folders to be secured, not just files.

Other new features announced for FinalCode 5.3 include secure container, extended support for complex applications, authentication on open, tagging, and support for zip files.

FinalCode provides strong encryption and extensive usage controls, including the ability to remotely delete files even after they have been shared.

FinalCode encrypts files and lets users choose the controls they want to enforce and provide complete file protection against targeted attacks, negligence and internal fraud. 

It readily integrates with a company’s existing file management and cloud collaboration infrastructure and can be deployed according to project, department and business application needs. File-based IRM for external users is provided at no additional cost.

For more information about this update, visit www.finalcode.com

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