FileNet lands deal with Mercedes Benz

To better access and distribute customer information, Mercedes-Benz Credit Corporation (MBCC), a subsidiary of automotive giant Daimler-Benz North America, has selected FileNet's Panagon integrated document management system. MBCC will install 660 seats throughout four regional and ten remote divisions in the U.S. and Canada. The system will initially involve the creation of a virtual file system, which will allow service representatives to access documents relating to MBCC's high-end customers. Future phases will add workflow and EDMS applications to automate MBCC's loan processing, document review, credit approval, accounts payable/receivable and human resources functions.

The FileNet system will be connected to a 32-bit application from Charlotte, NC-based systems integrator Virtual Corporation, which will provide all MBCC employees with a common application customizable to the requirements of each division. Both applications will be integrated into MBCC's legacy application, enabling employees to locate customer information on existing systems and retrieve documents without retyping information into a separate application window. "Having immediate access to key customer information enables us to be most productive," said Kristi McAllister, project manager for the Virtual File Project at MBCC's National Car Office. The new system "gives every employee a reliable way to access information." FileNet president and newly-crowned CEO Lee Roberts quipped that the MBCC installation is "an excellent example of driving business success with FileNet software solutions."

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