• January 6, 2010
  • News

Faceted search for Contegra's Kaleido

Contegra Systems, which specializes in the design and development of Web sites for online information publishers and other search-centric applications, announced that it has developed faceted search for its Kaleido Search offering by integrating dtSearch APIs.

Contegra says faceted search provides users the ability to dynamically filter search results by attributes, letting users browse through results selecting criteria relevant to their search. It further claims that to date, faceted search has remained out of reach for many businesses because of design and programming costs. Contegra launched Kaleido Search to offer companies an out-of-the-box attractive user interface with an easy way to deploy faceted search, including plug-and-play operation with existing data sources.

Kaleido Search offers the ability to group search results by facet, the ability to "expand and collapse" facet selections, on-demand summaries of selected facets, and more. Kaleido Search enables these faceted search features in the context of a comprehensive solution for online data access that is fully customizable to suit any site.

The dtSearch engine can index more than a terabyte of data in a single index—as well as create and instantly search an unlimited number of indexes. The software offers more than 25 search options, including Unicode support.

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