• August 10, 2009
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Excelling at XML

Mark Logic has unveiled MarkLogic Server 4.1, the latest version of its highly regarded XML server. The company reports that key new features include expanded Representational State Transfer (REST) capabilities, schema validation, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support and Japanese search and enrichment.

The new version includes expanded REST capabilities, such as URL rewriting and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) support. This enables developers to build easy-to-integrate, high-performance and scalable information services such as metadata catalogs and workflow engines.

MarkLogic 4.1 further includes new features for validating whole documents or parts of documents against an XML Schema, which defines the structure, content and typing of XML documents. The company says this functionality helps customers ensure that valuable information assets meet organizational requirements. For example, when a publisher receives a new document, it can be checked to make sure it conforms to the company standard schema used by its internal publishing system.

The new version adds the capability to secure all network communications to and from MarkLogic Server to Web browsers, WebDAV connections, servers in a MarkLogic cluster and other Web services. Now, organizations can be assured that their information is secure at all points of exchange. Customers can also simplify their application architectures by using the built-in application server within MarkLogic Server. This eliminates the need for supplemental application servers for secure communications.

MarkLogic 4.1 includes built-in support for language-specific stemming, tokenization and entity enrichment of Japanese content. With this new feature, organizations can better leverage the advanced search and analytics functionality of MarkLogic Server on information written in Japanese.

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