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  • February 3, 2014
  • News

Encrypted content search for SharePoint from Cryptzone

Cryptzone has launched a new version of its Microsoft SharePoint document security solution, Secured eCollaboration 5.0. Cryptzone explains new features have been added to Version 5 that secure content without impeding searchability and collaboration between internal and external teams. Essentially, claims Cryptzone, the results are filtered according to a user’s permissions.

Utilizing sophisticated approaches to key management and process whitelisting, encrypted content on SharePoint can only be searched and discovered by authorized users. This approach follows the principle of the separation of duties, preventing SharePoint administrators from viewing protected content.

With Secured eCollaboration installed, authorized users are able to perform search operations from within Microsoft SharePoint and find encrypted content that matches the search criteria entered. Secured eCollaboration makes use of Microsoft iFilter technologies to ensure the process is completely transparent to users, but only returns search results based on a user’s entitlement to secured content on a document by document basis. Even though data at rest is fully encrypted and protected, content can quickly and easily be found by those people with the appropriate security clearance. Where necessary, Secured eCollaboration security administrators have added flexibility to enable or disable SharePoint powered file searches of encrypted content on a user-by-user basis.

Version 5.0 of Secured eCollaboration also introduces support for SharePoint Form Based Authentication, which provides an alternative means of authentication to SharePoint using a Web form. FBA is commonly used as a way of extending access to a SharePoint site for non-Active Directory users, so is ideal for corporate extranets, where supplier, partner and customer access is required. Secured eCollaboration adds an additional layer of non-intrusive protection for sensitive personal and commercial information assets.

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