Embarcadero Technologies Releases ER/Studio 2016

Embarcadero Technologies, which was recently acquired by IDERA, is enhancing its ER/Studio platform, focusing on better collaboration and communication within enterprises. ER/Studio is a data architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modeling, design, and reporting with cross-organizational team collaboration. The updated platform features a data modeling tool to represent business data objects (BDOs) in data models.

With ER/Studio 2016, the company says, IT and business stakeholders gain increased visibility into corporate data assets through data model objects such as BDOs, centralized glossaries and terms and model image navigation, thereby improving data quality and consistency for better decision making across the enterprise. Users can define and view BDOs, assign naming standards to models and sub-models and view interactive model images in ER/Studio Team Server, improving control of complex data environments.

Other enhanced features include improved organization of model entities, extensive platform support for upgraded Teradata capabilities, such as support for derived period and temporal options and XML and JSON datatypes, Teradata 15.10, native support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database and SQL Server on Azure, and better usability with a consolidated database for ER/Studio Team Server and Repository to simplify model storage and deployment.

“We’ve now combined the Repository database and the Team Server database into one physical database and what that allows us to do is make those diagrams more available much more quickly,” Ron Huizenga, Embarcadero product manager. “Now, models are available very quickly and easily by having these things combined.”

Technical teams, business stakeholders, and business analysts will benefit from these updates, especially with the introduction of BDO, according to Huizenga. “This really allows a better communication between data architects and the development team, such as the application architects, enterprise architects, and developers themselves,” Huizenga said. “Customers have said it’s a game changer in terms of really bridging a gap that’s been in the industry for quite some time.”

For more information about the update, visit www.embarcadero.com

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