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  • March 23, 2015
  • News

Elegant BPM on the horizon from BP Logix

BP Logix has unveiled launch plans for Process Director 4.0, the latest version of it flagship business process management solution. The company claims Version 4.0 brings together advances in governance, development methodology and goal orientation, offering organizations more control, more capabilities and a smoother user experience.

Process Director 4.0 is designed to monitor business conditions for adherence to configurable goals, responding immediately to non-conformities by issuing alerts or triggering any number of automated activities. In addition to its redesigned desktop and mobile user interfaces, BP Logix highlights the following new features and capabilities of Process Director 4.0:


  • object- and project-level versioning improve governance and collaboration, including supporting A/B testing using a single click to switch between application versions, and
  • the Compliance Edition is enhanced with new auditing and logging features, including logs, logging options and extensive information on access rights by user, group or object.


  • set goals against aggregate data (for example, "25% of orders include at least two products") and specify behaviors when goal thresholds are crossed, and
  • set goals against individual instances (for example, "this order processed within one week of submission") and specify behaviors when goal thresholds are crossed.

BP Logix says those new features deepen the proven capabilities of Process Director, including:

  • no-code/low-code rapid workflow app deployment;
  • visual process models;
  • Microsoft Word-based e-form builder;
  • wizard-assisted integration with third-party applications and databases;
  • standard (AD, LDAP), federated (ADFS, SAML, OAuth) and custom authentication; and
  • social media integration.

Process Director 4.0 will be available in the fall in both on-premise and cloud versions.

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