Elastic announces Enterprise Search beta

Elastic N.V. has announced a beta for Elastic Enterprise Search, a consumer-grade enterprise search solution to enable high volume search using natural language across an entire organization.

The initial beta features a limited selection of cloud application connectors, as well as a dynamic custom API source connector.

For this first beta release, the company focused on the cloud applications that are most commonly used in today’s modern organizations:

  • Google Drive: search docs, sheets, slides and stored files
  • GitHub: ingest issues and pull requests
  • Salesforce: sync accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Dropbox: index images, static files and documents
  • Custom Connector Framework: sync data from any source, like an internal application, analytics engine, private communication channel or knowledge base

Enterprise Search will add an expanded connector library, supporting additional applications, and the clients will become more flexible and support more languages and development frameworks.

Enterprise Search is built on top of Elastic products, and its core search engine is powered by Elasticsearch, an established foundation for high-volume enterprise search.

According to Elastic: “The near future of Enterprise Search will reveal an expanded connector library, supporting the web’s most popular and useful applications. Clients will become more flexible and support more languages and development frameworks. For now, the beta provides a web based search experience. But soon you'll be able to bring search with you wherever you go.”

 For more information, go to www.elastic.co

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