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  • December 15, 2014
  • News

Easing data extraction and integration

Astera Software has launched Version 6.2 of ReportMiner, its data extraction software. The company says V. 6.2 has extensive improvements in the user interface to allow business users with little or no technical background to easily accomplish a wide range of data extraction tasks without employing expensive IT resources.

Astera reports ReportMiner 6.2’s Auto Create capabilities instantly identify all the fields in a region and determine their data types and sizes. The hierarchical model feature extracts data from complex reports in a single pass. Additionally, single-click Preview verifies and tests report models as they are being built and highlights extracted data along with any conversion or validation errors.

ReportMiner 6.2 key features include:

  • information extractions from documents in popular formats such as PDF, PRN, TXT, XLS, XLSX;
  • map and export data to a wide variety of destinations, including databases such as SQL Server, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL and any ODBC-compatible database, as well as formats such as fixed length, delimited, Excel and XML;
  • complete data integration so users can map extracted data to a dataflow, where they can take advantage of the advanced transformations and conversion features of ReportMiner for a number of data integration and management processes;
  • test and verification through a single-click preview capability that shows extracted data and any conversion or validation errors, enabling users to verify and test report models as they are being built;
  • the drag-and-drop, code-free environment enables users to accomplish a wide range of data extraction tasks without IT support; and
  • users can visually define a report model and save it for reuse.

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