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  • July 13, 2009
  • News

E-discovery just in time

StoredIQ has introduced its Desktop Agent Solution, which is designed for organizations that have geographically distributed sites, a highly mobile work force or a large number of employees.

Key features of the StoredIQ Desktop Agent include:

  • just-in-time agent--The temporary agent is easy to install and removes itself when completed, eliminating the need for IT staff to manage or patch.
  • network friendly--The agent is designed to work across a variety of low-bandwidth or high-latency networks and through network firewalls to support VPN connections over ISDN, DSL or cable.
  • centrally managed desktop agent dashboard—The desktop agent management dashboard provides centralized management and visibility of agent task assignments, activity and audit logs.
  • intelligent desktop collection--The desktop agent can filter out non-relevant files on the target computer, reducing the amount of data to be collected and expediting the collection effort.
  • recover from disconnected connections--In the event the network connection is lost, such as a user turning off the computer, the status of the agent activity is preserved and resumed later when the target computer reconnects to the network.
  • visibility to computer storage devices--The desktop agent is able to identify and act upon any internal or external storage devices attached to the target computer including CD/DVD, USB or Firewire drives.
  • concurrent desktop collections--The desktop agent supports massively parallel collection activity across multiple computers, improving collection efficiency.
  • write directly to litigation hold volume--Collected data can be stored to a target volume where StoredIQ can manage multiple litigation hold policies and deduplicate data collected across different desktops and different matters.
  • searchable audit trail history--All activity performed by the desktop agent is logged and available for analysis.

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