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  • June 24, 2009
  • News

Dynamic decision making

Dynadec has developed what it calls a hybrid optimization software platform to create software solutions that enable enterprises to solve even the most complex problems and maximize their dynamic decision-making ability. Dynadec’s business decision optimization solutions, built on its proprietary Comet platform, are the first on the market to offer the capabilities required to handle the massive amounts of real-time data in today’s sophisticated enterprise environments.

Dynadec’s Comet-based solutions enable organizations to harness real-time data to make business decisions that improve resource allocation, enhance customer service, reduce risk, and maximize revenues. The company explains that its solutions enable organizations in multiple industries to harness the power of hybrid optimization technology to quickly solve operational problems. Dynadec provides solutions for:

  • Vehicle Routing Optimization, which helps organizations with complex networks improve efficiency with dispatching, scheduling, routing and sequencing vehicles of all types;
  • Workforce Management Optimization, which helps organizations balance task allocation, employee scheduling and field deployment; and
  • Resource Scheduling Optimization, which helps enterprises with complex needs in the area of scheduling manufacturing assets, maximizing inventory allocation, and managing distribution networks.

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