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Dropbox Adds New Productivity Features

Dropbox, which provides cloud-based file sharing and storage, has added new productivity tools to simplify collaboration and support productivity. Users can now use the Dropbox iOS mobile app to scan documents in order to capture and organize information from sources such as whiteboards, receipts, and sketches. Dropbox Business users can also now search inside the scans.

File types that are supported for scanning an existing image include .jpg, .jpeg, and .png. Users can also scan up to 10 pages of a document and save the file as a single PDF.

Information about the new features was shared in a Dropbox blog by Todd Jackson.

Integrating more closely with the Microsoft Office suite, users can also use a new plus button to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files from their mobile device, with the information then saved to Dropbox automatically. The plus button in the Dropbox iOS app provides a way create and save Office documents on the go, supporting collaboration.

Further aiding collaboration, users can now share files and folders from the desktop, according to the company. Now when they right-click on a file or folder in their Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, they can share from the desktop, without redirecting to the web, or copying a link to email. Dropbox is also introducing the ability to add comments to a specific part of a file, enabling users to provide feedback by highlighting a piece of text or an image anywhere within a file preview.

Providing greater data security, version history provides snapshots of all changes made to files in a Dropbox within the past 30 days, offering an approach to recover old files in the event of an accident or if users simply need to review an older version. Users can also preview prior file versions before they are restored, so they know they have got the right version.

Enabling users to share documents with on a more fine-tuned basis, a new sharing feature give users more control over what others can see. It is now possible to share a single file with specific people, who will need to log in to see it. And, with view-only access for shared folders, now available for all users, users can also let people follow along. 

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