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  • November 18, 2013
  • News

Deeper Bloomfire integration into Salesforce

Bloomfire has reported even deeper integration with Salesforce.com. Bloomfire now enables Salesforce users to access the expertise of all of their co-workers—whether they use Salesforce or not—without leaving the Salesforce screen. Companies can leverage the collective knowledge of their entire organization to make sales and better serve customers.

Bloomfire reports the new integration will have the following benefits for sales professionals and customer support agents:

  • view relevant information from Bloomfire in Salesforce to help convert a lead or opportunity to a closed deal or to close a case faster;
  • ask and get answers to questions from experts without leaving Salesforce;
  • share key learnings and customer feedback with non-Salesforce users; and
  • search for information directly from a lead, opp or case record.

Bloomfire adds organizations will enjoy the following benefits from the integration:

  • save money because information can be shared without getting everyone in the organization a seat in Salesforce,
  • train and enable sales and customer service agents by putting training information right where and when they need it in the context of what they are doing, and
  • leverage the knowledge of the entire organization instead of just those who use Salesforce. The company has also launched Public LeaderBoards (previously leaderboards were only visible to owners and admins of a Bloomfire community). The new leaderboards will include:
  • individual rankings displayed on each members’ profile page, and
  • suggestions based on current rankings on what they can do to improve another member’s ranking or their own.

    The Bloomfire leaderboards display the top 10 members in the community in three categories--Producers (most active in creating content); Aces (highest quality content based on high-fives, views, follows); and Bookworms (consuming the most content based on views, high-fives and questions). Displaying rankings on profile pages helps spur friendly competition and also may indicate an individual’s expertise, says Bloomfire.

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