• July 29, 2019
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Cynet creates template for cybersecurity professionals to increase security

Cynet is releasing the ‘Security for Management’ template for cybersecurity professionals to help business management better understand and prepare against cyber-attacks. The template is a free resource available for download at the Cynet registration site.

Throughout enterprises globally, IT security professionals are responsible for securing their organizations against attacks. However, there is another equally important task that falls on their shoulders: to communicate the security risks, needs, and status to the company's CEO, CIO, or other senior management. Because senior officials decide and allocate invested IT resources, the level of security is adjusted in direct proportion to the threat level.

Since management may not be as hands on as security administrators, Cynet has developed the ‘Security for Management’ template to provide a concise presentation of security issues and remedies. The template assists with the following:

  • Cybersecurity as a Business Priority - Turns cybersecurity from an abstract risk to a business mission by mapping potential and real threats in a way that is presentable to non-technical executives, to gain consensus on near-term and future actions.
  • Management Awareness - Because security knowledgeable management is instrumental in moving in the right direction, the Security for Management template creates a common language so that security needs are easily understood, including the NIST framework pillars of identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.
  • From Tactical to Strategic Initiative - Takes cybersecurity from a mere budget request to a continuous strategic mission. This is critical as cybersecurity is a continuous process.
  • Accountability - Introduces operational metrics to measure stature and progress with a focus on achieving objectives. The clear presentation of results provided by the security security team ensures transparency and creates trust.

Specific insights covered in the template include a general framing of the NIST framework as the common language; a NIST CSF deep dive to use per specific needs; a NIST scorecard; a mapping of the organization’s cybersecurity stakeholders; operational metrics, and a concise risk measurement dashboard that reflects the security posture of the enterprise.

For more information about this news, visit www.cynet.com.

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