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Creating a solid digital strategy with enChoice

Today's customers want a smart and simple experience that provides intelligent, automated processes to make their life easier.

An organization’s digital business automation strategy must focus on the customer experience if they plan to keep and grow their customer base.

KMWorld held a webinar featuring Dave Parks, CEO, enChoice who discussed the methodology for a winning digital strategy and successful transformation.

We are right in the middle of a disruptive transformation, Parks said. Companies are leveraging AI and machine learning to automate to improve buying experiences, improve support models, and provide simpler payment processes.

“Start with a focus on your customer’s experience and develop a Digital Strategy. Technology comes later,” Parks said.

The core of an organization’s transformation is its digital strategy. This should include:

  • Realizing your existing digital state, challenges, and needs
  • Deconstructing today’s technical and process obligation
  • Reinventing strategic offerings with modern capabilities

He suggests creating a customer journey map. This is a model to show how a customer interacts with your product or service based on four principles: Stages, Actions, Feelings, and Channels.

According to Parks, transformative solutions are the result of digital strategies leveraging modern technologies that deliver customer-centric, strategic, and disruptive solutions to the market.

Digital transformation is technology agnostic, he said. enChoice can assist with this transformation.

“Our breadth of experience spans across platform and technologies. We’ll help you identify the right strategy and technology for your organization,” Parks said.

The company provides innovative and highly experienced transformation resources; models and tools that expedite the process; methodologies that are flexible and proven; collaborative approach; and security and compliance resources and knowledge.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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