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Crawford Technologies and Nuxeo partner to provide document management solution

Crawford Technologies, provider of document solutions that streamline, and Nuxeo, the developer of a leading content services platform (CSP), are collaborating to develop a new integration that will allow organizations to move their high-volume documents and customer service data, regardless of format, into the Nuxeo ecosystem.

“Our goal in partnering with Nuxeo was to give users the full power of the platform with the ability to quickly and efficiently manage bills, invoices, and other customer-facing documents,” said Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “CCM Gateway for Nuxeo makes it possible to deliver a more robust migration, e-presentment and archiving solution, saying goodbye to infrastructure struggles and delivering a better customer experience. We are excited to bring this product to market.”

CCM Gateway for Nuxeo integrates Crawford Technologies’ transformation, indexing, and document classification techniques with Nuxeo’s robust cloud-native platform.

The solution makes it possible for enterprises to move from problematic legacy storage systems to a modern, cloud-based, natively web-enabled solution to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

CCM Gateway for Nuxeo offers universal print stream conversion and archiving across all business applications and supports a wide range of print formats, including AFP, Xerox, PDF, PostScript, PCL and others.

It uses the Nuxeo platform to ensure that the electronic documents are effectively managed and stored in a secure and compliant manner.

“Many large enterprises are looking for modern, cloud-based Content Services Platforms to reduce costs while, at the same time, enabling digital transformation and a superior customer experience,” said Chris McLaughlin, chief marketing officer at Nuxeo. “Through our partnership with Crawford Technologies, we are helping customers to eliminate costly and complex legacy information silos, enhance compliance with data privacy regulations, and accelerate their cloud initiatives.”

For more information about this news, visit www.crawfordtech.com or www.nuxeo.com.  

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